Author: Sandeep Chopra

Punjabi, food with passion

  Punjabi food with passion, is from the land of five rivers “Punjab” (or Panjab) has now become synonymous with the ubiquitous Sarson Da Saag; Makki Di Roti; Maa Ki Daal; Amritsari Machchi; Butter Chicken; succulent Naan’s; Chholey Kulchey; Gajar Da Halwa and last but not the least Chicken Tikka that is on every palate. […]

Love Italian food, a tradition

Love Italian food, a tradition People Italians love their food and they are proud of the tradition of making their own food including breads , cakes rolls and they depend on the local produce and seasonal vegetables extensively and use them beautifully to blend and make new flavours vibrant with colours. The essential ingredient in […]