Month: January 2015

Tamarind Rice

              Introduction Tamarind Rice or Pulihogara/pulihora  is very well known in south-India and is also served as prasadam in temples.I love this dish for its tanginess and for the fact its less on oil.Its quick, easy and very tasty dish. Difficulty-Easy Preparation Time-15 mins Serves-3 Cooking Time-20 mins   […]

Strawberry Drink

  Information Enjoy this super cool and tasty drink at home Difficulty-Medium Preparation Time-10 mins Cooking Time-25 Mins Serves-6 Ingredients Strawberries chopped-250 gms Orange Juice-1 & 1/4 cup caster sugar- 1 & 1/4 cup Bottled Soda- 2 litres (chilled) Method In a pan combine Orange Juice,strawberries and sugar and stir the mixture continuously and  bring […]

Baked Tikki

Information Most of our Indian snacks are fried and time consuming. I was thinking of something quick,healthy and not only enjoyed by kids but Adults too.Try out the recipe and tell me what you think. Difficulty-Easy Preparation Time-10 mins Serves-4 Cooking Time-20-25 mins   Ingredients Boiled Chickpeas -7 Fl oz(about 200 gms) Pizza cheese-100 gms […]

Eggless Chocolate cake

  Information This gorgeous and moist  Chocolate Cake  can be the base for many dessert.Get baking!! Difficulty-Easy Preparation Time-10 min Cooking time-50-55 mins serves -6-8 Ingredients Butter-85 gms Golden Syrup-2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract-1 Tbsp Self Raising Flour-300 gms Caster Sugar-100 gms Cocoa Powder-25 gms Bicarbonate of Soda-1 Tsp Method Pre heat oven at 160C/ fan […]

Eggless vanilla cake

Cake is one of most loved dessert’s to have.It is very easy to make a basic sponge.There are many of recipes which use yoghurt but I prefer using condensed milk to  substitute egg.The following recipe is one of my favourite for a eggless cake .This cake is little dense in colour but a good sponge. […]

Cauliflower Cheese Bake for kids

Information   Cauliflower Cheese Bake is a great dish for kids  can be given as snack or a side.It is  healthy and kids will not know about the hidden vegetable .Fell in love with it when I tried the first time. Difficulty-Easy Preparation Time-10 mins cooking time-25-35 mins Serves-4 Ingredients Small Cauliflower-1 grated Pizza cheese-100 […]

Dancing Raisin

Try this at home Drop a raisin (sultana) in to a glass of soda water or Champagne, and see it dancing. No it is not that you could be drunk at that time. This is due to the carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles in the liquid stick to the raisin and creates enough volume for it to […]

Healthy Couscous salad for Kids

  Introduction Kids these days always want something different to eat and It is very difficult to come up with a dish that is inviting and healthy to eat.I stumbled over this very tasty couscous salad recipe  which is not only easy to prepare but also great for snack or lunch box. Difficulty: Easy Preparation […]

Biscuit My Way

  Information This is my kid’s recipe…It tastes yum! Difficulty:Easy Preparation Time:5 mins Cuisine:Kids Dessert Serves-1 Ingredients Tea Biscuits-1 Whipped Double cream-1 Tbsp Sugar balls(Cake decoration) Method Take a Tea biscuit and top it with whipped double cream and sugar balls.. Made by kid, for self indulgence.     You May Also Like…Kids winter yum  […]

Kids winter yum

    Information Kids love dessert’s and the things  they like to eat is Ice cream or chocolate.My Kid is very selective when it comes to dessert’s so, I thought of making something from scratch. My kid loved it a lot!! It is simple but delicious dessert,Try my recipe and share your thought’s. Difficulty:Easy Preparation […]