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We introduce you to new and fresh Intufood. If you love to eat then Kitchen is a place to be creative and your creativity through food. This space is all about food, knowing ingredients and we will share recipes which are simple but most importantly delicious. Our idea is to share our passion for food and inspire others.

We would love you all to be part of the food  journey and feel free to  share your recipes so we and all can enjoy.

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Chetna Sood

I am a self trained cook ,as a little girl ,I became inquisitive about food and always watched my  Mom cook . As I grew up my curiosity with passion for cooking began and always wanted to try something new so, started exploring recipes on the internet and tried them along the way I had my share of goof ups and never gave up till I got them right. So, I will only post the recipes with are best.The feedback for my food has been positive.  So, lets cook…

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