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A healthy Spanish dish with seafood and chicken . Paella  is easy to make and super delicious.   Preparation -10-15 min Cooking Time-50 min Difficulty-Easy Serves-4 Ingredients Paella Rice- 300 gms Boneless Chicken-  200gms Cooked Prawns- 200 gms Frozen Peas- 100 gms Chicken stock cube- 1 Olive Oil-  2 -3 tbsp Onion- […]

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

Nothing tastes best like a hot soup in cold weather. This soup  is highly nutritious as it has lentils ,chicken and sweetcorn very flavourful and easy to make .Kids will love it! Difficulty-Easy Preparation Time-10 min cooking time -15- 20 min Serves-4 Ingredients Boneless Chicken -200gms Red Lentils-50-60 gms Sweet corn-50 […]

Chicken Dum Biryani 1 comment

The very famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is layered  preparation of rice and chicken.Tastes delicious on its own or serve with Mirchi Ka Salan.   Difficulty-High Preparation Time-40-50 min Marination Time-3-4 hrs Cooking Time-40 min Serves-4-5 Ingredients Chicken-750 gms(approx) Rice-2 cup OIl- 200-250 ml Onion-2 Medium Yoghurt-200 gms Chopped Coriander Leaves-3 […]

Masala Murgh Makhni

Introduction Mouth watering chicken dish slowly cooked in rich gravy and spices packed full of flavour .                       Difficulty-Medium Preparation Time-20 mins+marination time Cooking Time-40-50 mins Serves-4   Ingredients For Marination Chicken-500 gms Butter-1&1/2 Tbsp Ginger Paste-2 Tsp Garlic Paste-2 […]