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Tangy Basil Dip

Basil dip is not as popular as the mint dip but this  fresh and tangy dip makes a delicious accompaniment to the kebab  and fritters. Difficulty-Easy Preparation Time-5 Mins Serves-3 Ingredients Basil leaves -80 gms(no stem) Lemon Juice -1  Tbsp Garlic clove(small) -1 and 1/2 Salt -To taste Pistachios -15 […]

Basil -Tulsi

This herb is quiet native to Iran, India and other tropical regions of Asia. Basil grows best under warm, tropical climates. It can also add flavour to food ,in Italy basil is added to many dishes like pesto,pizza soups and more. Basil can also be grown in a pot its […]