Soft and spongy cheese balls in mild sweet sugar syrup. It is a traditional  easy to make Bengali  sweet also popularly known as Rosogulla.


Difficulty- Medium

Preparation Time- 5 min

Cooking Time – 1 hour -30 min



For Paneer/ Chenna

Whole Milk-2.5 ltr

Lemon Juice- 4 tbsp.

For Sugar Syrup

Water – 8cups

Sugar- 1 and 1/2 cups


In a deep pan add milk bring it  to boil on medium flame.

Add lemon juice and stir well  continuously till the solid milk (curdles)and whey start to separate it will take couple of minutes.( you can add more lemon juice if milk not getting curdled properly).

Take it of the flame , take a colander and spread a muslin cloth and transfer the  mixture and drain all the whey . Pour a glass of cold water over the chenna / paneer to remove sourness of lemon.

Squeeze of the extra water of chenna  and tie the muslin cloth and hang for 30 minutes to drain excess water. ( do not hang for more than 30-40 minutes ).

Untie the muslin cloth and transfer chenna in a bowl and crumble  with hands,it should be crumbly  and moist. If its dry then the rasgulla will turn out hard.

Knead it using hands and come altogether like a dough and starts to grease your palm with little fat. That is when u stop kneading

Make small balls of the dough. They will double the size when cooked.


Sugar Syrup: In a deep pan/vessel add 1.5 cups of sugar and 8 cups of water and boil  the syrup for 10 min on medium flame.

Now gently drop the chenna balls to the boiling  syrup . Cover and cook for 15 min or until doubled in size.

cool completely before transferring to bowl . Refrigerate and enjoy spongy Rasgulla









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