Milk Cake

Grainy and sweet this famous Indian barfi is  very easy to make at home and will be an instant hit.

Difficulty- Easy

Preparation Time-5 min

Cooking Time- 10-15 mins

Serves- 24 Pieces



Milk Powder- 275 gms

Condense Milk- 1 can (400 ml)

Double Cream-300ml

Pistachios- To decorate


Take a square shape microwave safe dish. mix together milk powder, condense milk  and double cream  until smooth.

Place the bowl in the microwave and set it on high for 5 mins ( 1000 watt) .Carefully watch the mixture carefully and if it looks like it may  boil  then stop and wait for few seconds and start again till the time is up.

Take out the mixture and give it a nice stir .

Place the bowl back on microwave high for 6 mins. Keep an eye on the mixture for any spills.

When the time is up sprinkle crushed pistachios and let the bowl sit in microwave for 10mis.

Take it out and cool it before making square shape slices.


Note: Adjust the timing and setting according to the microwave wattage


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